Since 1966 BARKA operates successfully in the...

BARKA Sanitärzubehör

Since 1966 BARKA operates successfully in the field of pleasure boating: from sale of sailboats, its main original activity, it has gradually specialized in the production and distribution of marine equipment and accessories. Headquartered in Milan, with a branch in Rome, a production unit in Bergamo and distributors abroad, during its 50 years activity it has established itself as one of the most serious, reliable and versatile realities in the industry, becoming a point of reference for supplies for major national and international shipyards and operators. Its strength is, first of all, the uniqueness of the articles of its production: the TEAK WONDER, product line which is internationally leader in the field of cleaning and care of the teak, and SUPPORTS and ELECTRIC STRUTS, sold around the world also in customized versions. Moreover, BARKA is distinguished by the high quality of marine products that distributes

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